Sinemoretz is a small town in southeastern Bulgaria, close to the border with Turkey (however, there is no border checkpoint in the area). It is surrounded on three sides by the intense blue waters of the Black Sea and on the fourth, by the deep-green, low-rolling hills of the Strandja mountain. Just at the town’s edge, the Veleka river emerges from lush Mediterranean vegetation to flow into the sea, but not the usual way – instead, it disappears under a striking sand bar, which forms one of Sinemoretz’s gorgeous beaches. The coastline in and around town is carved by stunning cliffs and charming sandy coves, with pastel grass meadows or vibrant forests set against the sea. This landscape, where Mediterranean and continental climate zones meet, nourishes a wealth of plant and bird species, some of them unique to the area. For this reason, large sections of the region have been designated as naturе reserves and protected areas. As a matter of fact, the first nature reserve in Bulgaria, Silkosia, was established here back in 1933. Inevitably, such gem of a place has increasingly attracted the interest of developers over the last ten years, leading to the construction of a resort-hotel and a number of condominium complexes. The good news is that family-style hotels still predominate in Sinemoretz, and moreover, there are signs that unchecked development, especially near the coastline and in protected areas, has come to an end. At this point, the town is a hodge-podge of mostly small- and medium-scale, but also some big-scale, construction, with infrastructure that is lagging behind, and an overall look which has not reached coherence yet. Nevertheless, the spectacular beauty of Sinemoretz’s natural setting is all there, hardly even touched, and certainly unmarred, by any of these shortcomings in planning and development. The place is simply magical.



The main attraction of Sinemoretz is, of course, the beach, or rather, the beaches. On your left, as you enter town, is the beach at the mouth of the Veleka river. It is a long and wide sand bar, with the quiet sweet water on one side and the sea, with moderate surf, on the other. All the way down the town’s main road is the other major beach, Butamyata. It is situated in a cove, with a lot of development on one end and virtually untouched on the other, where a small river forms a natural shallow pool surrounded by reeds and rocks, before disappearing under the sand (kids love it). The main part of the beach is studded with umbrellas and beach chairs. There are showers, and restrooms, and four restaurants offering everything from pizza and fish to ice cream and alcohol cocktails. Some water sports are offered near the resort-hotel, perched on a cliff overlooking the beach. The expanses of fine yellow sand, though, stretch far and wide, so there are places on the beach where you can feel quite secluded. The sea water is so crystal clear you don't believe your eyes. Further down the coast, six kilometers away from town, is Silistar beach, also a beautiful cove with fine sand, that comes with lifeguards, beach umbrellas, facilities, and two restaurants. For those who prefer to stay away from the crowds, a string of several pearly coves between Butamyata and Silistar contain pristine beaches, unspoiled by civilization because they are designated as protected areas.


You go to Sinemoretz to relax. However, there are a number of activities the place offers for those for whom the beach is not enough: walking the marked eco-path along the Veleka river, hiking along the coast line, kayaking or taking a boat ride on the Veleka, birdwatching in diverse habitats, river or sea fishing, horse riding, exploring the other coastal or inland Strandja towns. 


In terms of food and services, Sinemoretz offers numerous restaurants, several bars, grocery shops and drugstores. The resort-hotel on the beach has a night club while one of the beach restaurants puts on a show with fire-dancing. The town of Ahtopol, 6 kilometers away, offers even more. Sinemoretz is fortunate to have a resident doctor and a pharmacy. A polyclinic facility is located in Ahtopol, while Tzarevo, 20 kilometers away, has a hospital and ambulance service.


Currently, Sinemoretz is the site of an archeological excavation. First, in 2006, in one of the most magical spots in Sinemoretz - on a hill from which your eyes soar over the coming together of mountain, sea and river, an ancient tomb was uncovered. It is believed to have been the burial place of a Thracian priestess from 300 BCE. Among the artifacts found are pieces of exquisite gold jewelry, some of which so miniature and intricate they have to be appreciated through magnifying glass. The best preserved objects are now on exhibit at the National History Museum in Sofia. A new discovery followed in 2008 – the remnants of a fortified Thracian residence from the same time period, perched on the neighboring hill with the same breathtaking view. It is still under excavation, yet to reveal precious information about life in these parts thousands of years ago. But whatever its secrets are, whatever we learn about the ancients who lived there, we already know something about them: they lived their lives surrounded by the same timeless beauty that surrounds us today.